TRAVHOTECH joins HospitalityNET’s World Panel

TRAVHOTECH’s Mark Fancourt and Cheyne Cole have joined the newly launched HospitalityNET World Panel.

HospitalityNET’s World Panel is a thought-leadership platform where hospitality-industry opinion leaders share insights, views, ideas and reactions on important issues and events currently affecting the hospitality business. Each panel is made up of a select group of experts, and industry leaders who, by invitation, contribute succinct commentary on viewpoints which are suggested by panel-champs.

Henri Roelings, Founder & CEO, HospitalityNET launched the World Panel on the 25th of April.

About the World Panel

Roelings outlined the purpose of the World panel. “The World Panel Thought-Leadership Platform will be a series of forums, each bringing together groups of experts to share their views on topics of relevance to the global hospitality industry.”

“The idea is this: Champions – we refer to them simply as ‘Champs’ – get the ball rolling on a specific subject or theme with their personal viewpoint. They then invite our stable of experts from industry, hospitality-related associations, and academia to share their opinions.”

“The champs will moderate and lead the discussions. The experts’ comments will be grouped together and easily digestible. The various experts will also be encouraged to share their views via their own social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.”

Mark Fancourt of TRAVHOTECH added, “Cheyne Cole and I are pleased to be contributors to the inaugural World Panel. The idea of being able to address industry hot topics quickly with a mixed set of views, delivered online is a great step forwards, and an excellent vehicle to provide timely feedback and points of view.”

Fancourt contributed to the first two published topics on the merit of Hospitality Brands and AirBNB’s impact on the hospitality industry along with a group of industry thought leaders and observers from around the world.

Excerpts from the forum appear below and the full panel review can be read on HospitalityNET’s World Panel site.

The advent of AirBNB and other accommodation options has conditioned the customer to look beyond traditional accommodation providers. I believe it has also made independent hotels and small brands more appealing. As Google steps further in to travel and Rate Parity is addressed in more markets the conditions are improving for non-branded operators who provide a great product that resonates with the customer.

Mark Fancourt – TRAVHOTECH. HospitalityNET World Panel – Are Brands Becoming relevant Again?

Regulation will play a greater role in the AirBNB offering. It is clear that the idea of temporarily renting a residents property while out of town has skewed way past everyone’s original thoughts. Naturally the socio-economic impact will continue to be scrutinized by governments based upon the impact of residential housing in municipalities. Visitors don’t vote. The hotel sector will not be faced with these challenges.

Mark Fancourt – TRAVHOTECH HospitalityNET World Panel – Is AirBNB a hoteliers friend or foe?

Review the full forum discussion on HospitalityNET’s World Panel.

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