TRAVHOTECH mentors Startups at HITEC Europe’s E20X

On TRAVHOTECH’s recent European tour Co-Founder Mark Fancourt continued his association with HITEC’s E20X startup competition.

Since 2018 Mark has been involved in the E20X competition around the world. In 2018 he was a judge at both the HITEC Europe and HITEC North America E20X competitions where KITRO and Beekeeper won the respective competitions.

In 2019 TRAVHOTECH contributed their experience to the E20X Mentor program at HITEC Europe, held in Palma de Mallorca. Fancourt along with a group of industry experts and executives provided guidance and advice to the Startup contestants in advance of the pitch competition.

E20X in Palma de Mallorca

Contestants include Judge’s winner Hotelway with runner up and Peoples Choice winner, Oaky, whom TRAVHOTECH had encouraged entry. Other contestants included Stay, Travlet, Trift, Pirsonal, You’re Welcome and Pathway Consulting Group.

Fancourt noted, “I enjoyed working on the judges panel in 2018, but this year I felt that we could provide a greater level of benefit through the mentoring program. This approach allows us to leverage our global experience in hospitality technology to assist these exciting young company’s. There are some fantastic ideas and initiatives in E20X this year and its exciting to be able to assist in their progress”.

TRAVHOTECH’s Cheyne Cole and Fancourt are donating their expertise providing advanced mentoring assistance to contestants in HITEC Minneapolis’ E20X program.

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