TRAVHOTECH talks tech philosophy with

In a two part series TRAVHOTECH’s Cheyne Cole and Mark Fancourt discuss the current state of and their philosophy toward technology in the Hospitality industry.

“Our view is that the manner in which Andre is approaching information sharing is unique and innovative”.

Cheyne Cole on is the brainchild of industry veteran Andre Baljeu. Baljeu envisaged a new method of sharing information, education and dialogue through high quality and informative Video Log conversation with industry vendors ,operators and consultants from around the globe.

In their discussion Baljeu, Fancourt, Cole and board member and founder of Opensmjle, Daniel Zelling discuss industry software marketplaces, the nature of technology in industry and opportunities for improved revenue management and pricing practices based upon Cheyne Cole’s experience from the airline sector.

Cole commented, “Our view is that the manner in which Andre is approaching information sharing is unique and innovative. Providing industry with an opportunity to share their philosophy and approach to technology will help the industry operators gain a unique perspective on technology solutions and approaches to technology management that is not available in other forums.”

Baljeu noted, “techtalk travel was established to provide an unbiased content driven platform, ‘for industry by industry’ to educate, plan, implement and optimise technology. We intend to be the one stop location where valuable information about industry technology can be sourced”.

The two part interview can be viewed in’s YouTube channel or via their website.

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