TRAVHOTECH & insighti announce the launch of to address the unique Cybersecurity challenges in Hospitality combines cybersecurity best practices with hotel technology operations & hospitality industry expertise.

TRAVHOTECH & INSIGHTI announced on Wednesday the launch of, a forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity and privacy challenges within the complexities of the hotel operations environment and the hospitality industry.

Information security in the hospitality industry has always been a challenge. The hospitality information ecosystem includes a vast assortment of technologies which make it difficult to maintain a consistent view of threats at all levels. These systems from various companies are installed by multiple vendors. Customer data that is stored in these systems contain highly valuable information to attackers: guest and staff personally identifying information, payment information, plans, habits and deep, personal insights. Hotels are visited by high value, targeted guests from numerous industries every day.

Threats to this industry are real and attacks are happening constantly. There is no one-time fix, the threats are continually evolving.

Any weaknesses in information security & privacy can jeopardize a hotelier’s mission, destroy the trust of their guests, cripple the property and brand reputation, threaten profitability and invite fines and penalties from regulatory bodies.

“The reality is that hospitality companies and their information are hard targets due to the depth of personally identifiable information on record for improvement to guest service and government statutory requirements. Beyond a standard of guest care, the industry will need to intensify the level of diligence to secure information across the enterprise. Brand damage and loss of trust will be joined with fiscal penalties in the near future. Not just in Europe, but around the world.”

Mark Fancourt – TRAVHOTECH is security beyond compliance. Hospitality industry experience coupled with security expertise, understands how to protect the hospitality industry and most importantly their guests’ sensitive data and trust. With, a hotelier can undertake due diligence while balancing security with operational effectiveness. No more hedging the challenges of hospitality security, will face them head on, and solve them.

In recent years, data breaches have seemed inevitable leading to increased public concerns over data and privacy.

The growing trend for government regulations regarding data and privacy is clear.

The vital question for hoteliers in 2019 is, “Are you prepared?”

“The best way for any corporation to face the security challenges in today’s fast paced IT world is head on. Today, no company will ever be completely risk free, the way to lessen those risks is by continually finding the right balance of security and operational efficiency. Each lending to the other, as operational efficiency enhances security and vice versa.”

Lukas Kuzmiak – insighti

About is a forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity and privacy challenges within the complexities of the hotel operations environment and the hospitality industry. provides security beyond compliance. Founded by Travhotech and insighti.

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