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In June TRAVHOTECH’s Mark Fancourt joined a podcast on Andre Baljeu’s Techtalk.Travel industry knowledge and education hub. The topic for the discussion was Smart Hotels & In Room Technology & unified selling technology. Joining us in a three way dialogue was fellow industry colleague and HFTP Board Member, Nick Price.

Unified Selling is mission critical for the hospitality industry, particularly in relation to revenue growth & also job role design.


In a wide ranging discussion the group discussed tools and steps the hospitality industry can take to maximize and improve their technology situation during and post the COVID19 pandemic with a focus on contact less experiences. We also delved into the brave new world of hospitality taking a retail approach to selling all of their products, and the business opportunities and revenue growth this brings to hospitality operations .

TRAVHOTECH possesses a depth of experience designing and working with consolidated hospitality industry operational platforms and unified customer journeys from the sales & distribution capabilities in a customer facing environment. As well as the operational improvements and structural business processes that accompany unified hospitaliity technology solutions. In our view this approach to industry operational is mission critical to the future of the hospitality.

The podcast is part of the May editorial package on Smart Hotels including an infographic, podcast, video and article.

If you would like to discuss how a unified selling platform will benefit your business revenue streams and internal operations TRAVHOTECH can assist. You can contact us at


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