Not to be missed sessions at CyberHITEC and Virtual G2E

CyberHITEC digital events

Are you ‘going’ to CyberHITEC and Virtual G2E?

In the age of the plague the idea of continued learning with our industry colleagues and peers has morphed dramatically. Enter the new age of digital events. We can all acknowledge that it was emerging. Now it is most definitely here.

While you WFH you can also LFH – Learn from Home.

To say that the nature of events has changed is an understatement and now in the digital age while you may not be able to share a beverage with your favorite friends in the travel and hospitality technology industry, what it does mean is that you can now virtually attend multiple events in the same week. Even the same day.

While you WFH you can also LFH – Learn from Home.

In the next couple of weeks, we have Hospitality Financial & Technology Professional’s (HFTP) HITEC or CyberHITEC as it will be known this year, and we anticipate for years to come alongside the in-person event. We also have running concurrently American Gaming Associations G2E or Virtual G2E, which will also turn out to be a permanent addition.

Scanning through the agenda’s we like the following CyberHITEC and Virtual G2E sessions.


  • John Picard’s opening session on Innovation & Wellness. As a speaker John is inspirational and will leave you moved through his messages. A great way to open the event.
  • Del Ross’s session on Workforce and Profitability. We like people and our industry people need all the attention and focus they can get at the moment.
  • Human Factors – Capital at the Table discussing technology decision making and the involvement of technology leadership. In a technology driven world, still a major problem for the industry.
  • HFTP Europe – Technology & Tea. Guess what? Our industry is different in Europe. Vive le Difference! The HFTP team from Europe focuses on the industry and challenges in this significant sector of global hospitality. We missed HITEC Europe this year so this can be a taste of 2021.
  • FBI Outlook – The Cyber Threat Landscape. A must-see session. If you want to hear about what is really going on from the people that really know, do not miss this update. We arranged the same session for the Hospitality Upgrade CIO Summit in 2018 and it was a hit.
  • Before & after a data breach with Robb Smyth. A challenge that is not going away and will be practical following the landscape overview from the FBI. The average cost of a data breach in hospitality is in the realms of $2,000,00 USD. Can you afford that?
  • Is customer service an oxymoron or a leadership tool for management. Justin Taillon is a hotelier gone industry education professional who leads the education curriculum on the board of HFTP. This will be well worth attendance and leadership is always a valuable and important topic. Customer service even more so.

You can review the full agenda for CyberHITEC here.

Virtual G2E

  • Leading through Covid19- Real conversation on Resilience. Casino and Integrated Resort leaders discuss their pandemic experience and how they are surviving and thriving.
  • In the keynote Senator Catherine Cortez Masto from Nevada discusses public policy during the pandemic with a slant on the vital gaming and leisure industry in Las Vegas.
  • Pandemic or not: How consumer attitudes and behavior are changing which will bring insight on the operational experiences to date since the lock down of the gaming industry has been gradually lifted.
  • MGM’s Jyoti Chopra will discuss the workforce in 2020 based upon their experience leading in and emerging from the pandemic. The company employs more than 50,000 staff in Las Vegas alone and is key to an improvement of circumstances for Las Vegas.
  • Online betting like digital events was gradually emerging and then the COVID19 pandemic brought the possibilities to the forefront for gaming operators and states. It will be a big part of the gaming experience in the future and valuable to understand the state of play.

You can review the full agenda for Virtual G2E here.

Plenty to keep everyone entertained and informed even though we cannot be there in person. Let the learning from home begin!

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