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In 2019 TRAVHOTECH wrote the inaugural editorial on Google Travel for techtalk. travel. is an unbiased information source for technology in travel & hospitality. For industry, by industry is their tagline. invited TRAVHOTECH’s Mark Fancourt to author a follow up article, “Between now and then – an update on Google in travel”, examining the progress of Google Travel over the ensuing 18 months. The article discusses the question of Google as a travel monopoly and explores the detailed developments the company has brought to market across the product set as well as the macro impact on the travel & hospitality industries.

Should a business be punished for providing compelling products for their customers and subsequent commercial success? I think not. They should be rewarded.

Mark Fancourt in’s Yearbook 2019-2020

“We were delighted to be asked to provide a follow up article. The subject of Google Travel is fascinating and pivotal to the future of the industry. Providing the viewpoint through also subscribes to TRAVHOTECH & Testbed Vegas’ philosophy on sharing information and observations with the hospitality and travel industry”, stated Mark Fancourt.

Andre Baljeu, Founder of offered, “The opportunity to engage with industry professionals around the world who are generous in the sharing of their knowledge and experience is one of the real benefits of For industry, by industry speaks to our objectives as an information resource and we appreciate the ongoing support of TRAVHOTECH & Testbed Vegas”.’s ‘Yearbook 2019-2020’ provides a comprehensive tome on the range of topics the that have been tackled over the last 18 months. Ranging from Google Travel to Technology innovation in hospitality.

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An excerpt of the article appears here. The full article can be downloaded in’s Yearbook 2019-2020 at

Between now and then – an update on Google in Travel

Since July 2019 there have been several further developments. Some commercially oriented and other extensions of programs that began a long time ago. We will dive into the specifics of those a little later.

The most significant development was a discussion that was simmering 18 months ago. Is Google a monopoly in travel? Is there an unhealthy level of competition between Google and the rest? Depending upon which side of the argument you sit, it probably colours one’s view. Fortunately, I do not sit on either side of the debate, but I have some arguments to make on the topic.

Is Google a monopoly in travel?

To answer that question, firstly Google must be defined as the type of business it is. My view is that Google is a search engine and provider of data in the first instance. Following which the company has a range of products and services that allow their customers to contribute to the ever-growing body of planetary data. With very few exceptions and perhaps even less than 18 months ago, these products are not specific to the travel and hospitality industry. They are generic products that have application to ours and many other industries. More so to the lives of individuals that includes the traveler.

I discovered when writing the first document that Google has a seamless circular business model. Own the input devices and platforms and return the information that is resulting from that input. It then becomes a question of supporting new forms of input. Data – Google Search, voice – Google Assistant, video – YouTube, location – Google Maps. In the future I anticipate smell and taste-based input and information as well. A full sensory experience.

However, at the foundation is Google a monopoly? Monopoly meaning one. We know that is not true. There are multiple search engine providers for internet-based data. Granted, not all of them have seen the success of Google, but that does not make their success monopolistic……

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As we begin 2021 most anticipate a general improvement in conditions for industry. Technology with a heightened profile will be key to operational and guest environments moving forward. If you would like to discuss technology initiatives for your organization TRAVHOTECH has a range of capabilities to assist operators and vendors. You can contact us at


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