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Travohtech Hotel Tech Stack invited TRAVHOTECH’s Mark Fancourt to contribute to the August 2021 topic on the modern Hotel Tech Stack including an editorial article, “So, you want a new hotel technology stack.”, interview discussing the state of industry technology and a podcast on the current and future hospitality technology ecosystem. The topic examines the state of industry technology and provides insight and advice on how hoteliers can migrate to a modern business platform for hotel operations.

If I were shopping today, I would be looking for a software solution that allows me to actively sell products and services for all my revenue centers and curate the complete experience for my customers around revenue opportunities matched with their personal behavior. Rooms are one of them. But it is not the only one.

“We’re always pleased to participate with topics for the hospitality industry. TRAVHOTECH tracks more than 130 business functions that are supported by technology for hotel operations ecosystem. It’s a complex industry, but technology is so important to the future of hotel operations. We’re pleased to provide hoteliers with insight on how to approach the journey to next generation hotel operations and a current hotel tech stack”, stated Mark Fancourt of TRAVHOTECH.

Andre Baljeu, Founder of offered, “The opportunity to engage with industry professionals around the world who are generous in the sharing of their knowledge and experience is one of the real benefits of For industry, by industry speaks to our objectives as an information resource and we appreciate the ongoing support from TRAVHOTECH & Testbed Vegas”.

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So, you want a new hotel technology stack

What if you were in a position to take an unconstrained approach to technology?

The million-dollar question. Literally in today’s high tech hospitality environment. How can I get a current technology stack? Or more accurately. How can I get from where I am today to a version of tomorrow? There is no easy answer to that question. No short-term realization. Only the first step in a plan. The plan to migrate from the old world to not the new world but the current world.

Suppose you have the rare opportunity to start from scratch. In that case, today is a great time to be in the market for building any technology environment, let alone one for the hospitality industry. Although the reality for most operational hoteliers today is that they cannot make a fresh start. The lucky person with an independent hotel and a from the ground up build. Fantastic opportunity. The small, medium, or large hospitality brand with the next project coming out of the ground. Not so much. An opportunity to experiment with a few peripheral aspects of technology. However, the ties to the mother ship prevent any significant steps away from core technology that is mission-critical to the brand deliverables.

For those in the latter situation, it is a major undertaking rooted in a strategic shift of parts over time. Usually a long time. First one piece. Then the next, until over time, the pieces of the puzzle start to resemble the current technology environment on offer in today’s marketplace. Hopefully, the timeline between the start and the ‘finish’ is not too long before another major shift in technology occurs. Of course, there is no finish to technology—just a constant asset management process.

But what if? What if you were in the position to take an unconstrained approach to hospitality technology? Or more importantly, the type of hospitality business you wanted to operate. What would be necessary? What should be factors and serious considerations? How is the current and future environment for the hotel tech stack panning out, and what opportunity does it present to your business?

Let’s examine the key elements that need to be considered when embarking upon such a journey……

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Late 2021 has seen gradual improvement in conditions for industry. Technology with a heightened profile will be key to operational and guest environments moving forward. If you would like to discuss technology initiatives for your organization TRAVHOTECH has a range of capabilities to assist hospitality & travel operators and technology vendors. You can contact us at


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