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For Travel & Hospitality Technology Vendors, Investors in technology companys, Product Designers & Software Developers.

 Technology is moving forward rapidly in the hospitality & travel industries. Is your idea the next great product? Are you ready to be the next big thing? Whether you are a founder, startup, scale up or established technology provider TRAVHOTECH offers hospitality technology consulting & travel technology consulting expertise to help you realize success.

Advisory Services

TRAVHOTECH has a combined 50 years of direct and current experience in the hotel, hospitality & travel industry focused on technology. Our experience represents the customer and vendor perspectives of the industry across four continents, having resided and worked around the world.

TRAVHOTECH can assist with organizational, commercial and market advice, as well as targeted product and deployment advice for your hospitality & travel technology company.


Market Entry

TRAVHOTECH’s experience includes working and living in Europe, Asia Pacific, Australasia and the Pacific and the United States. Travhotech can assist hospitality & travel technology companies looking to conduct business or enter offshore markets in the major market regions globally leveraging our knowledge, experience and contact base in these theaters.

Whether you are seeking partners, customers or forums, TRAVHOTECH can assist you in growing your hospitality & travel industry presence around the globe.


Product Leadership 

Throughout our experience, TRAVHOTECH has built products for hospitality & travel from the ideation phase to a completed product released into operational environments.

Our combination of field experience, deployment, product management and development with real hospitality & travel industry experience can provide your product leadership with an experienced assistant that helps to achieve your objectives sooner.


Industry Education, Orientation & Product Review

TRAVHOTECH’s depth of experience specializes in the hotel, hospitality & travel sector. We provide insight and education for hospitality & travel technology companies looking to engage the market from a position of knowledge and experience.

Leverage our knowledge to shorten the time frame for you and your team to gain an understanding of the hospitality & travel industry.


Affiliations & Networks

TRAVHOTECH has an extensive global network of hospitality & travel senior professionals developed from our combined 50 years of industry experience in the United States, Asia Pacific, Europe, Australasia & the Pacific.

Our network comprises hotel, hospitality and travel leadership and technology vendor leadership serving the sector.



TRAVHOTECH has a depth of experience in enterprise level leadership positions in industry and as a vendor to the hospitality & travel industry. We’ve lead technology teams and grown resources in global environments. 

Sometimes you want your team to benefit from a voice of experience to consult. TRAVHOTECH can provide the balance of knowledge and experience to guide your team’s professional growth and meet hospitality & travel technology organisational objectives.


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