TRAVHOTECH Digital Transformation

Digital transformation & Operations transformation – Next generation hospitality unified selling.

How to deliver hospitality operational transformation & unified selling through digital transformation. For all the right reasons.

Travohtech Hotel Tech Stack

So, you want a new hotel technology stack – Hotel technology unconstrained.

TRAVHOTECH discusses the modern hotel tech stack and how to get there in’s August editorial package

Hotel PMS

Where does hotel PMS software sit in the new hospitality technology stack?

TRAVHOTECH discusses hotel PMS software and the hospitality technology stack.

labor shortage

Solving hospitality industry labor shortage through hotel technology.

TRAVHOTECH discusses how hotel technology enables hotel staff to be more productive.

hospitality industry

Does hospitality industry technology need a massive reset?

TRAVHOTECH discusses the state of hospitality technology and the future.

Hospitality Marketing

Google is phasing out third-party cookies. Will it impact hotel marketing?

TRAVHOTECH discusses digital marketing in hospitality and the impact of Google Cookies.


Are Robots coming to a hotel near you?

TRAVHOTECH discusses Robots and their impact on the hospitality experience.

TRAVHOTECH ITB 2021 Hospitality Technology Hub

TRAVHOTECH heads to ITB virtually with IDeaS.

TRAVHOTECH heads to ITB virtually with iDeaS Hospitality Technology Hub.

TRAVHOTECH Revenue Management

The state of Revenue Management in Hospitality

TRAVHOTECH discusses the state of Revenue Management.

TRAVHOTECH Google Travel

Is Google Travel a monopoly? – Techtalk Travel Yearbook.

TRAVHOTECH discusses Google Travel in Techtalk Travel’s 2019-2020 Yearbook. Is Google Travel a monopoly? Is the competition in travel and hospitality fair?

TRAHOTECH Amazon Explore

AIRBNB – a threat to the hospitality industry?

TRAVHOTECH discusses AIRBNB and their impact on Hospitality.