Tag: Hotel Operations

labor shortage

Solving hospitality industry labor shortage through hotel technology.

TRAVHOTECH discusses how hotel technology enables hotel staff to be more productive.

hospitality industry

Does hospitality industry technology need a massive reset?

TRAVHOTECH discusses the state of hospitality technology and the future.

Hospitality Marketing

Google is phasing out third-party cookies. Will it impact hotel marketing?

TRAVHOTECH discusses digital marketing in hospitality and the impact of Google Cookies.


Are Robots coming to a hotel near you?

TRAVHOTECH discusses Robots and their impact on the hospitality experience.

Teschtalk Travel TRAVHOTECH unified selling

Selling everything! Unified Selling in Hospitality.

TRAVHOTECH discusses unified selling as a business opportunity and how hotels can grow revenue streams through technology.

TRAVHOTECH contributes to the Hotel Yearbook 2020 series.

Mark Fancourt contributes to the Hotel Yearbook 2020 Technology edition on the topic of technology platform consolidating inventory and pricing for hotels and resorts.