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Travohtech techtalk.travel Hotel Tech Stack

So, you want a new hotel technology stack – Hotel technology unconstrained.

TRAVHOTECH discusses the modern hotel tech stack and how to get there in techtalk.travel’s August editorial package

TRAVHOTECH Google Travel

Is Google Travel a monopoly? – Techtalk Travel Yearbook.

TRAVHOTECH discusses Google Travel in Techtalk Travel’s 2019-2020 Yearbook. Is Google Travel a monopoly? Is the competition in travel and hospitality fair?

TRAVHOTECH discusses the state of Technology in Gaming & Leisure

In an interview in Gaming & Leisure Magazine Mark Fancourt from TRAVHOTECH and Bill Healey from Gaming & Leisure discuss a broad range of topics including Blockchain, Startups and technology Innovation.

TRAVHOTECH Sponsors the January Vegas Travel & Hospitalty Tech Meetup

TRAVHOTECH adds their support to Testbed Vegas industry creation efforts at Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech.