TRAVHOTECH Hospitality Technology New Normal

Is there anything new about the New Normal?

What is the new normal in the hospitality & travel industry? TRAVHOTECH explores embracing your technology new normal.

Teschtalk Travel TRAVHOTECH unified selling

Selling everything! Unified Selling in Hospitality.

TRAVHOTECH discusses unified selling as a business opportunity and how hotels can grow revenue streams through technology.

TRAVHOTECH joins INNO live from NOLA to discuss cross industry innovation

TRAVHOTECH presents at INNO – The leading cross industry collaboration event.

Hotels, COVID19, HIPAA & Technology. What is hospitality’s role in information gathering?

TRAVHOTECH considers the potential impact of COVID19 information on hotel operations and technology. Could the industry be exposed to HIPAA regulations?

100 Questions – 100 Answers. TRAVHOTECH’s thoughts on the future of travel.

TRAVHOTECH on the future – The Big Picture, Policy & Seamless Travel, Airlines & Airports, Hotel & Accommodations, Tourism & Destinations, Merger & Acquisitions, Cruises, Travel Agent / Tour Operators / Bookings
Business Travel, Meetings & Event Planners, Travel Startup Questions
Online Travel / Tech Questions
Luxury / Wellness

I wish I had a mobile workforce! Risk Management and technology mobility.

A fully enabled mobile workforce is rooted in risk management and business survivability. The CoronaVirus has brought the need to life in a very real way. In an industry that is very much built around in person delivery of product and service this has become even more acute for the hospitality & travel industry.


MURTEC – The last hospitality technology conference of 2020?

TRAVHOTECH reviews the 25th Anniversary of MURTEC which may prove to be the last hospitality technology conference of 2020.

What TRAVHOTECH saw. CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

TRAVHOTECH reviews CES 2020 through a travel technology and hospitality technology lens.

TRAVHOTECH & HospitalityNet’s World Panel in 2019

Travel & Hospitality technology consultant TRAVHOTECH reviews the 2019 World Panel by HospitalityNET.

Can your Hospitality company afford a $123 Million fine?

The heightened risk of overlooking information security. Are you taking the right steps to protect information?